I’m a Student, Can I Open a Bank Account?

The answer in most cases is, yes. When looking for a student bank account, make sure you find one that will meet your needs.

Here are some things to think about:

  1. What kind of fees do they charge if you overdraft, or spend more than you have in your account? Some banks will charge a fee, usually around $30 if you overspend. Make sure you know what you’ll be charged.
  2. Are there any ATM fees? It’s important to know if you’ll need to pay a fee to withdraw money from ATMs that aren’t associated with your bank.
  3. How can you waive maintenance fees? Some banks have options to avoid maintenance fees, like setting up a direct deposit or make a certain number of debit card purchases each month.
  4. Ask about fees for paper checks. A student account that offers you free or discounted checks would be helpful.

Make sure you ask about these things when considering a student checking account!

For more information about Student Bank Accounts contact Monique Winfree at BBVA bank at or 817 223 2053. BBVA often has promotions that offer you money when you open a new checking account.

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I'm a Student, Can I Open a Bank Account?

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